Simple changes in diet, lifestyle, exercise, work, play and thought habits can bring about significant changes in our lives and help us take charge of our own health and well-being.
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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is known as the “sister science of Yoga” and means “the Science of Life.” This 5,000-year-old system is a holistic medical science that teaches us to live in harmony with the rhythms and elements of nature and our body’s own uniue constitution. We are empowered by Ayurveda to take an active role in our health and healing. Simple changes in diet, lifestyle, exercise, work, play and thought habits can bring about significant changes in our lives and help us take charge of our own health and well-being.


Ayurvedic philosophy recognizes three psycho-physiological forces of energy present in the body-mind-spirit at all times. These forces are known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha, the three Doshas. The Doshas govern the individual's response to change when in balance. When disturbed, they can initiate the disease process.

1. Vata is associated with movement. Its elements are ether and air. It brings movement, creativity, clarity, expansion. It is known as the “king of the doshas” as it makes everything move; the nervous system is governed by Vata and it lives primarily in the colon.

2. Pitta is associated with transformation. Its elements are fire and water. It lives primarily in the small intestine and governs determination, drive, awareness, internal fire, body heat, skin color, digestive enzymes, intelligence, metabolism and more.

3. Kapha is associated with structure. Its elements are earth and water. It lives primarily in the chest and is responsible for steadiness, compassion, stability, physical strength, endurance and lubrication.


Each of us carries within us the energies of all three doshas. However, each of us is born with a different constitution or combination of doshas. One or two are generally more predominant. Pakruti is the constitution or Dosha combination with which we are born and it typically does not change.


Due to such factors as food, lifestyle, climate, habitat, seasons, stress, etc., our doshic combination may change on a daily basis. The current state or doshic combination is known as Vikruti. Our goal is to keep Vikruti in balance with our own individual Pakruti.

When the doshas are out of balance, the process of illness begins. Ayurveda gives us the tools and resources to understand how the choices we make affect the doshas and thereby our health and well-being. The choices we make in life can help us maintain our own unique doshic balance.

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"I am so grateful for Rhonda Slota's excellent guidance and expertise in Ayurveda for helping me get my health back on track. She helped me understand the imbalances I was experiencing and provided suggestions and methods to balance my doshas. My sessions with Rhonda were comfortable, informative, relaxing, and I felt safe in sharing my experiences and concerns with her. My renewed health and wellbeing are due to Rhonda's experience and care."
~ Eileen Van Moppes

"I can't say enough good things about my experience working with Rhonda! For one thing, I thought Ayervedia was about diet, and now have realized it encompasses much more than that - including spiritual espects. duh - what a holistic concept! I had no idea. Way more than modifying your diet! So beyond diet, the consultations have been very very helpful, and thank goodness, my "assignments" and suggestions, are doable and not completely overwhelming. Rhonda's gentle spirit and immediate follow-up to our sessions make the suggestions easy to integrate. I can actually make progress, step by step. And I am! THANK YOU RHONDA for great direction, caring, loving counseling for body, mind and spirit."
~ Carolynne Gamble

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